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Opportunity Arises: Rs.1000 Assistance Center for Rejected Womens Rights Scheme Applications

Posted on : 19/Sep/2023 10:29:58 AM

The Tamil Nadu Government has announced a new avenue of support for individuals whose applications for the Women`s Rights Scheme were initially rejected, and those who have faced repeated rejections. Starting yesterday, applicants can now reapply through the e-service platform. Additionally, the Tamil Nadu government has assured that eligible individuals will receive prompt attention from the Commissioner, with actions taken within a 30-day timeframe.

In light of this development, a dedicated help center has been established to address the concerns of individuals who applied for the Women`s Rights Scheme but faced rejection. This center aims to resolve issues such as non-receipt of funds in the bank accounts of those with accepted applications.

This Help Desk will be operational across all 15 zones in Chennai, commencing today. Rejected candidates will receive SMS notifications on their mobile numbers, guiding them on how to proceed with their appeals. It is essential to adhere to the outlined guidelines and initiate the appeals process within the stipulated 30-day window.



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