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CMRL Introduces Paytm QR Ticketing and WhatsApp Chatbot Services

Posted on: 04/Aug/2023 9:05:09 PM
  In a significant move aimed at enhancing passenger convenience, the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) unveiled an innovative QR ticketing feature on the popular Paytm App. The official launch ceremony took place at CMRL`s Nandanam office, with top CMRL executives inaugurating the new service. This introduction aligns with CMRL`s ongoing efforts to streamline ticketing processes and provide commuters with hassle-free travel options.

Commuters can now rejoice in the seamless experience offered by these new services, which are designed to eliminate the need for traditional ticket queues. In addition to the Paytm QR ticketing, CMRL had previously rolled out a WhatsApp chatbot-based ticketing service in May, further solidifying its commitment to offering accessible and user-friendly ticketing methods.

CMRL officials expressed their enthusiasm for these advancements, highlighting the convenience that mobile applications bring to ticket procurement. By leveraging these digital platforms, passengers can effortlessly skip the often cumbersome ticket lines, making their daily commute smoother and more efficient. The recent addition of the Paytm service is just the beginning, as CMRL is actively exploring the implementation of other equally convenient services.

Notably, CMRL continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the realm of urban transportation. Earlier in April, the organization successfully introduced the Singara Chennai Card, a National Common Mobility Card (NCMC).

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