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Why eating bananas for high blood pressure will be amazing?

Posted on: 06/Jun/2023 9:11:42 AM
Controlling the blood pressure levels in us is very important for our lives to be normal!!

When a person has constantly high BP, then it might lead to hypertension. Those with high BP are often advised by the doctors etc to keep an eye on the food they eat. A person could have BP of around 120/80 mm of Hg and that is normal and anything above this range is dangerous. Making changes in the diet etc would help in controlling the BP effectively.

According to the doctors, foods that are low in fats, low in cholesterol and low in saturated fats would be good for managing the hypertension issue. It is superb to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that would provide us with fibres plus nutrients like potassium etc.

Intake of bananas would be superb for hypertension:

Rich in fibres and vitamins etc:

Fibres, vitamins like B and C etc are present in the bananas. It is believed that the fibres present in this fruit would lower the cholesterol levels plus would lower heart disease risk and support health BP in us. These make the bananas an important food for managing BP.

Provide antioxidants etc:

We could be free from all types of lifestyle diseases and infections etcd when we eat bananas that would provide us with antioxidants. Truth is that antioxidants would work by improving our immunity and help us to feel relieved from the symptoms.

Superb source of potassium:

Integral part of the hypertension diet is bananas. The reason for that is due to the fact that bananas have high amounts of potassium. It has been confirmed that intake of bananas would provide us with potassium and by that our BP would be controlled well.

The presence of sodium would lead to high BP in us but potassium would counteract with sodium and reduce the BP.  Research studies have mentioned that an average medium sized banana would provide us with 450mg of potassium.

Low in sodium:

Blood pressure management could be achieved by intake of bananas that is low in sodium content. By eating bananas, more potassium than more sodium would be removed  from the body through urine. Banana plays its role as vasodilator.

Ways to eat bananas:

We could eat one banana every day and it is easy to add bananas to the diet. Bananas can be consumed as a snack. They could be eaten as a a light meal as they are satiating and sweet to taste.

We can eat bananas by adding to breakfast cereal also. For example, we could add bananas to oatmeal instead of refined sugar and the dish would be made more filling. It is also possible to eat bananas by making natural sweet banana smoothies and then we can consume it.

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