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Chennai Police Collects Over Rs. 12 Crores in Traffic Violation Fines through Call Centers

Posted on: 25/May/2023 9:18:39 AM
Chennai Police has taken a proactive approach to ensure the collection of fines from traffic violators by setting up call centers at 10 locations across the city. As part of this initiative, 9,526 individuals who had failed to pay their fines in person were contacted by the Chennai Police and urged to settle their dues.

On the 20th of this month, a special action was undertaken, resulting in the resolution of 586 cases and the collection of a substantial fine amounting to Rs. 60,36,000. Over the past four months, a total of 12,551 cases have been successfully resolved through the call centers, leading to the collection of fines totaling Rs. 12,99,08,600.

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