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40+ Operators in Tiruchirappalli join hands to form Desludging Operators Federation to collectively meet the growing need of the District

Posted on: 21/Mar/2023 4:05:06 PM
The desludging operators in Tamil Nadu`s Tiruchirappalli district have joined hands to form a Desludging Operators Federation to help address the growing need for scheduled cleaning of septic tanks in the region. The Federation, currently joined by 43 Desludging Operators, owning around 72 desludging tankers that will help in expediting septic tank cleaning operations for more than  2,74,538 households in the district. Desludging is the process of removing the layers of scum and sludge from the septic tank, which in turn promotes the usage of technology in sanitation and helps ensure safety of sanitation workers.

A better system of FSSM is essential to ensure citywide inclusive sanitation. Public health and a clean environment depend highly on the safe management and treatment of faecal sludge. While Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants are necessary to ensure the safe disposal and treatment of faecal sludge, the maximum utilization of their capabilities can only be achieved through regular desludging. Citizens are now better aware of the need for desludging. Growing awareness alongside a rise in population has resulted in Tiruchirappalli witnessing a substantial surge in septic tank cleaning vehicles. from around 6 trucks to 70 trucks in 8 years. To streamline addressal of rising desludging queries from the populace, a collaborative approach was required to provide an effective solution to manage the entire sanitation value chain in the district. This is where the Federation stepped in to help with better delegation of desludging requests to the operators along with standardization of rates.

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