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Be careful!! Even by these ways too, we could get sexually transmissible diseases or STDs?

Posted on: 20/Mar/2023 9:34:55 AM
Who doesn`t like to kiss others or receive kisses from others?

Do you know the bitter truth that kissing could actually lead to Sexually Transmissible Diseases or STDs in us?  Yes it`s true!!

Infections that are spread through sexual activity are termed as sexually transmissible diseases or STDs or venereal diseases etc. In the beginning, the STDs won`t cause any symptoms and this increases the risk of passing the infection to others also.

Various symptoms associated with STDs are vagina dischahnrge, discharge from penis, ulcers near genitals, pain in the pelvis etc. The STD could be either bacterial or viral or parasitic etc. Gonorrhoea, syphilis etc comes under bacterial STDs and genital herpes, HIV/AIDS etc comes under viral STDs and trichomoniasis comes under the parasitic STDs.

It is known that sex and related activities would give us superb pleasure etc but the fact is that these activities could also lead to the spread of STDs. It is true that certain sneakily STDs could go undetected also.

We must try to avoid these through which the STDs could spread from one to another.

By Kissing:

Those who have cold sores in their mouth must refrain from kissing others. It is worth mentioning here that by coming in contact with those with an open sore then he or she could get oral herpes. The oral herpes is commonly known as Herpes Simplex Virus Type -1. Avoid oral sex when there is a cold sore present in the mouth of the partner.

By sharing toothbrushes and razors etc:

There would be easy transmission of bloodborne diseases when we share devices that can cut the skin with an infected person. Hepatitis B, C and HIV are included here.To avoid getting STDs we must not use other persons razors or toothbrushes or needles etc.

By contaminated foods:

The hepatitis A in us could be due to contaminated food or drinks etc .This hepatitis A then would get transmitted to others also through anal intercourse etc. Please be careful .This is more commonly witnessed in many underdeveloped countries.

By skin to skin contact:

It is true that Human Papillomavirus or HPV could spread by physical contact with the warts. This could lead to genital warts. We must not touch or rub against someone with a sore. This is due to the fact that the early stage of syphilis could get transmitted by skin to skin contact.

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