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Toll-gate charges in the suburban tollgates in Chennai Metro City increased from 31st March!

Posted on : 09/Mar/2023 10:46:26 AM

The toll-gate charges for the tollgates located in the Chennai Metro City Suburban areas are to be increased from 1st March 2023!

Further, tollgate care is to be increased in the tollgates located on the route from the Chennai Metro City to the States of Andhra, Karnataka, Coimbatore and Madurai.

The National Highway Commission has announced that the tollgates charges for 5 tollgates located in the Chennai Metro City Suburban Areas are to be increased!

Further, I`d like to learn that out of the total of 55 tollgates located in the State of Tamil Nadu, the tollgate charges have been increased upwards in 29 tollgates!



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