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200 more ANPR cameras to be installed at 50 junctions in Chennai!!

Posted on : 06/Feb/2023 9:37:00 AM

Traffic violations and theft regarding vehicles have been taking place now more and to avoid these the Chennai traffic police would be finalising the tender to install 200 more ANPR or automatic number plate recognition cameras at 50 locations and track the vehicles that got stolen.

It is now said that the traffic police in the city would be expanding the camera coverage under the Traffic Regulation Observation Act or TROA. In 2022, the traffic police in Chennai installed ANPR cameras in 16 locations to detect traffic violations like jumping of signals, mobile phone use while driving, stop loine violations etc.

In 2018-19, challans were manually sent to the traffic violators captured by the cameras is known. With the presence of ANPR cameras, e-challans would be generated automatically in the name of the traffic violators as these cameras are integrated with the VAHAN portal of the union road transport ministry. To pull those violators who do not pay their penalty amount in the stipulated time, a dedicated call centre would be established.

Intelligent video management system or IVMS would be operated by the live feed from the new ANPR cameras. This IVMS has the ability to monitor, detect, alert and record any attempt of vehicle theft done on the roads in Chennai city.

According to a senior police official it was clear that once a surveillance system recognizes the registration number of stolen vehicles then automatic alerts as voice calls would be generated. Messages would be sent to the nearby police stations as well as to the officers from inspector level or above category.  

He then mentioned that the firm that would be selected by the bidding process would create an application to track the route of the identified stolen vehicle. This would be done by integrating and then analysing the real time data obtained from all other ANPR cameras.



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