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5 Impotent aspects to be observed while buying gold jewellery!

Posted on: 26/Jan/2023 3:24:06 PM
1. Hallmark Jewellery :

It is supremely important to note and verify whether the jewellery you buy has the seal of `Hallmark`!! Though the advertisement claims high quality, it is a fact that only the jewellery with the `Hallmark` seal is of real high quality! Even out of the Hallmark seals, only those jewellery items with 5 FEATURES OF triangle, 916, the laboratory in which the test was done, the year/date, and the Shop number are of genuine quality!  Note that many of the buyers fail to observe this aspect TO WATCH FOR THE ABOVE 5 FEATURES AND BUY JEWELLERY ONLY WITH SEALS OF 3 FEATURES. FURTHER NOTE THAT EVEN SILVER JEWELLERY COMES WITH HALLMARK SALS!

2. Jewellery with Gemstones :

In case you are buying gold jewellery items with gemstones, note the weight of the stones (how many rams), and the price of the stones, check whether the pace of the gold after deducting the price of the gemstones is right and THEN ONLY BUY! Note that later, when you try to sell this jewellery while buying a new one in exchange, this will be valued only to a lesser extent!

As such, extra caution is required when buying jewellery items with gemstones!

3. Design :

Some of us would think of better buying jewellery with good design! Note that while buying jewellery items of design, the wastage extent would be MORE! So, check and note the waste extent and verify whether this is the right for the design of the jewellery! Note again that what you observe as a pleasing look if the jewellery MAY LIKELY TO HAVE SHORTER LIFE! Another aspect to note is that while just buying gold for tradition-sake on the day of Akshaya Trithiyai, say, up to 2 grams, it is more likely that you will end up buying low-quality jewellery! So, better buy a jewellery item weighing more than 2 grams duly check that item as well!

4. Quality :

Especially while buying gold jewellery, it is extremely important to go only for high quality! Check for the quality grade on the product seal. If it is gold, it must be 0f 916 standards, if it is diamond, ensure and confirm that you get the quality certificate as proof.

5. Wastage :

Note that the term `wastage` varies from shop to shop! As such, whatever jewellery you are buying, ascertain clearly the extent of wastage and buy them only! Note that there are several methods followed to estimate the extent of wastage while making the jewellery item! AS SUCH, IT SERVES BETTER TO BE ULTRA-CAUTIOUS!

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