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These foods are common but they would secretly cause acidity issues in us!!


Posted on : 24/Dec/2022 5:15:41 PM

How will you react if you come to know that the acidity issues you get was mainly due to the excess coffee intake? Shocked right!!

In our lives, the majority of us would have experienced acidity issues right after eating meals or caffeinated drinks, during the night time and would have felt highly uncomfortable. Acidity is a problem that could result in other various stomach based issues like acid reflux, heart burns, indigestion etc. When we get acidity based issues, we mostly tuin toward antacids and other medicines etc to overcome the issue. In such cases, it is important to identify the root cause for the acidity problem and avoid consuming certain foods.

It is really shocking to mention here that there are some common foods that when eaten could result in acidity issues also. Many of us wouldn`t even know about these common acidity causing foods.

These below mentioned common foods could cause acidity issues secretly

Excess intake of Spice:
It is true that many of us eat spicy delicious foods without even knowing that they might be the reason for the acidity issues. Dietary habits must be watched if a person want to treat acidity issues and to keep acidity at bay. By intake of spices in excess amounts, we could get acidity issues and heartburns etc. It might take a long time to get cured. So, please be careful.

Excess intake of Coffee:
The acid reflux problem which we get could also be due to excess intake of coffee. It is okay to drink just a single or two cups of coffee every day but more intake could lead to acidity plus other issues like nervousness, headache, insomnia, heartbeat palpitations etc. Switching to decaf could be superb.

Excess intake of Sugars:
Not many of us would know that sugar intake could also lead to the acidity issues in us. It is important to note that we consume sugars through drinking coffee or tea plus by eating desserts etc everyday. Fact is that sugars are highly acidic and intake of excess sugars could lead to increase in the blood sugar levels and weight gain etc. Instead of white sugars, we could use natural sweeteners like stevia etc. So, take care.

Excess intake of Pickles:
Are you one of those who eat pickles along with the meals frequently, then it`s high time to stop it. The presence of vinegar in the pickles would make them highly acidic. There are some pickles that have excess spice and oils also and these pickles must be avoided.

Excess intake of cold drinks etc:
There are many who consume cold drinks often without even knowing that these drinks could cause acidity issues. Truth is s that when consumed for a long time these cold drinks could damage the lining of the stomach. In addition, the excess intake of cold drinks would make us gain weight also. Instead of cold drinks, we could opt for fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices or even coconut water etc.



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