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Bharani Deepam was lit in Om Arunachaleswarar temple

Posted on: 06/Dec/2022 8:46:48 AM
Owing to the auspicious day of Karthigai Deepam festival 2022, Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar temple was opened this morning and special Abishegam and Dheeparathanai were done.

At 4.00 am, the Bharani deepam was lit inside the shrine of lord. A yagam was grown at the Artha Mandapam from where twenty Bharani Deepam was lit by Sivasariyargal. 

The Bharani Deepam was brought and shown to all devotees. A large number of people worshipped the lamp as it was taken around by a priest.

The key event of this festival the Maha Deepam at the Thiruvannamalai hill at a height of 2668 will be lit today evening at 6 pm. Below are some of the pictures showcasing the Bharani Deepam event.

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