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Residents forced to keep doors closed throughout the day - Unimaginable proliferation in the mosquitoes in Chennai!!


Posted on : 01/Dec/2022 9:30:47 AM

The Chennai residents now have been affected badly due to the huge increase in mosquitoes menace to such an extent that they have been keeping their doors closed throughout the day. Sound`s shocking isn`t it!!

Now, the GCC or Greater Chennai Corporation has been claiming that vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue etc  did not increase during the rainy season in Chennai.

It is important to mention that there is now a mosquito menace from stagnated water in potholes, uncovered SWD, manholes and sewage discharge on the streets. This has led to many Chennaites complaining that they have been forced to keep their doors shut throughout the day.

A long time resident from Tondiarpet spoke about how the mosquitoes have increased in the last 6 months and in the monsoons they have become worse.He explained that he and his family has been taking efforts to ensure that there was no water stagnation in and around the house. He shed light that the neighbours were not cooperating regarding this issue.

Undr the limits of GCC especially in the slums, parks etc , mosquito eradication works have been carried out with the help of 229 hand operated fumigators, 8 small fumigators, 67 vehicle mounted fumigators machines etc. Both in the interior roads as well on the main roads the mosquito eradication activity has been going.

As per a resident near Guindy there has been no intense rainfall till now but already there is mosquito mence. She spoke about the fact that the doors in her house were closed throughout the day due to the mosquitoes issue. The damage in the pipelines have been resulting in the stagnation of sewage water and this has led to proliferation of mosquitoes. The residents  have urged the government to take necessary steps to control mosquitoes breeding.

The residents welfare associations and the authorities of GCC have decided to create awareness among the public regarding controlling mosquito menace and breeding of larva etc. Point is that during the survey conducted by GCC, mosquito eradication activity was carried out. As manya s 3247 construction sites were inspected by the officers and they imposed a fine of Rs 1.47lakhs on the 41 building owners.



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