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Shocking news about the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam radial road in Chennai has come out now!!

Posted on : 28/Nov/2022 10:06:34 AM

The lack of basic infrastructure such as underground drainage, drinking water supply and safe roads etc has been a major issue now on the Pallavaram - Thoraipakkam  200 FT radial road in Chennai. This is shocking news for many now.

In 2000 the stretch was laid by the state highways department and there has been a tremendous growth in the real estate prices here. What was responsible for the exponential rise in the  real estate prices here was access to the airport of GST Road and IT hub on OMR. There has been a huge demand for office space here. The state authorities have failed to take advantage of the office spaces that have been constructed here by some private realtors.

It was brought out by the Federation of Radial Road Residents Association or FORRRA that the issue here could lead to issues PMR residents are facing now. The sad part is that there has been no access to the drinking water and underground sewage etc here. Few lakhs of money has been spent every month regarding the 2 issues here. This was as per Mr. Shankar, FORRRA.

It is worthy to note that the civic amenities have been managed by Tambaram Corporation GST Road to Kilkattalai, Kovilambakkam panchayat  Kilkattalai to S. Kolathur and GCC from  S. Kolathur to Thoraipakkam. It was not the fault of the  residents of the gated community at all and this was according to a resident activist. 

It is shocking to note that the real estate people have built the buildings on the water bodies and even now they do not operate sewage treatment plants. Even without allocating parking lots many commercial establishments here have obtained building permits etc. There has been restriction in the traffic movement due to parking of many vehicles on the roads here.



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