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Tamil Nadu State will require 28291 Megawatts of power in the next 10 Years!


Posted on : 25/Nov/2022 1:13:06 PM

In an analytical report released by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), it is estimated that the requirement for electric power in the State of Tamil Nadu will go up to 23291 Megawatts!

 As per the 20th Electricity Analysis, as compared with the demand of 16899 Megawatts in the year 2021-22, it is estimated that the maximum demand for electric power will rise to 28291 Megawatts.

It is also expected that the share of the demand in the interior or rural areas will increase.

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) conducts a survey/analysis once every 5 years on the demand of medium-range to long-range requirements of electric energy!

 As such, the survey analysis for electricity demand was taken up for the 20th time recently! The results of the 19th Survey-cum-analysis were released in January 2017!

 In this analysis, when comparing with the demand during 2012-22, the demand for electric power in the State of Tamil Nadu is estimated to go up to a maximum of 28291 Megawatts in 2031-32!

 The demand for domestic electricity consumption will increase to 61575 Million Units!  Currently, the demand is 31606 units! As regards the estimation in percentage format, presently the requirement is at 34%. In the next 10 years, this is expected to increase to 38% (2031-32)!


As regards the demand for electric power by the industries, the demand in the year 2021-22 is 18%.  This is expected to increase to 19% in 2031-32! In the year 2031-32, the requirement of electric power by the State of Tamil Nadu is expected to be 175391 million units! The Maximum Demand will be 26662 Megawatts!

 Further, regarding the requirement of electrical energy by the agricultural sector, it is 16% in the year 2021-22 and will be 13% in 2031-32.

 As regards the demand for electrical energy from the commercial sector, it is 8% in the year 2021-22 and will be 21% in the year 2031-32!

 As per the Department of the fuel policy for the year 2022-23, the installed power generation capacity is 16652.20 Megawatts.  Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (TANGEDCO) has a power generation capacity of 4320 Megawatts and the Central Government`s power generation capacity is 6972 Megawatts.

In this regard, the State Minister for Electricity of the Tamil Nadu Government, Senthil Balaji has informed that it has been planned to increase the power generation capacity to 20000 Megawatts before 2030!!



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