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Sensational!! Electric vehicle charging station now at this new place in Chennai - Guess where?

Posted on: 25/Nov/2022 9:29:46 AM
Chennai airport is now making amazing news for this reason!!

In the entire India, the airport at Chennai was the first airport ever to set up an electric vehicle charging station at the airside. This has caught the attention of many now. The EV charging station would be used for charging ground handling vehicles and passenger shuttle buses etc.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited or IOCL has set up the EV charging station at the Chennai airport and has a DC charger and one AC Type 2 charger. It was mentioned by a statement that the charging capacity as well as the charging points would be increased based on the demand. By mobile app or by RFID card, the chargers could be operated. It is now said that the setting up of an EV charging station was in line with India`s commitment towards net zero in the COP-26 held at Glasgow.

The 2 main advantages of setting up the EV charging station at the airport are reduction in the carbon footprint inside the airport and cost effectiveness. Truth is that vehicles plying inside the airport would be highly beneficial by this new EV charging station because they are not roadworthy and the liquid fuel must be bought and stored separately.

On Thursday, this new facility was inaugurated at Chennai airport by the airport director Mr. Sharad Kumar and by Mr. V.C. Asokan, ED of IOCL. It is amazing to note that this EV charging station at the airport was also the first one to be commissioned by IOC outside the retail outlets.