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Important details about piles issue and its treatment etc


Posted on : 24/Nov/2022 5:59:51 PM

One issue that most of us would feel very shy to talk about is piles!!

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids and they refer to swollen veins in the anus or lower rectum area just similar to varicose veins. While having blood vessels in anus is normal, but it is abnormal to have blood vessels enlarged in the anal portion.

A person with piles issue would show various symptoms such as a lump around or in the anus, bleeding during bowel movement, leaking faeces or slime type discharges from anus, constipation feeling etc. In some people, piles might develop because of the increased pressure exerted in the rectum or straining during defecation.

Various daily habits that can cause piles issues are intake of low fibre content foods, weight lifting, intake of hot/spicy foods, obesity, sitting for long time etc.

Foods to eat for piles problem are

Intake of legumes: 
Truth is that legumes are easily digestible and would relieve an upset stomach due to irritations etc.

Intake of whole grains: 
It must be noted that by eating low fat, high fibre whole grains a person would be able to avoid symptoms of piles. Examples are brown rice, corn, barley etc.

Intake of  fruits: 
It is good to consume fruits like apples, bananas, raspberries etc.

Foods to avoid for piles problem are

Prepared foods: 
Foods like frozen or snacks etc must not be consumed while having piles and they would increase the issue.

Processed foods: 
Those with piles must avoid processed foods like hot dogs etc also.

Spicy foods: 
It is important that persons with piles must avoid spicy foods as these foods could aggravate the issue.

How to treat piles?
Most persons with piles depend on home remedies only. These include drinking lots of fluids, by wiping the bottom with damp paper, by taking a warm bath, by using an ice pack wrapped in a towel etc. The bitter fact is that these home based remedies would not be effective in curing this issue. They would provide a temporary solution only. 

It is possible to cure piles issues in a day also by lalaser treatment. The removal of piles would take just 15 to 30 minutes only by laser procedure. Though piles could be highly painful but they do not cause any serious issues on the health. Till grades 3 or 4, piles could be self managed. Small hemorrhoids would go away in a few days but the larger ones would need treatment only.



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