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Know about these foods that can increase the risk of stomach cancer?


Posted on : 22/Nov/2022 5:50:01 PM

How would you react if you come to know that the food you eat could be responsible for developing certain types of cancer? Shocked right!!

Research has been carried out by World Cancer Research Fund International and it has been found out that a person could get stomach cancer based on the food he or she eats. It is important to mention here that stomach cancer is the 4th common cancer in India. Information gathered is that in the southern Indian population stomach cancer would occur in the lower part of the stomach called pylorus. Normally, stomach cancer would occur in any part of the stomach. To raise awareness about stomach cancer, November is usually observed as a stomach cancer awareness month.

There are several symptoms associated with stomach cancer and these are  stomach pain, trouble in swallowing, feeling bloated after eating, heartburn, indigestion and nausea etc. This stomach cancer is usually detected by the upper endoscopy method.

These foods could lead to stomach cancer in us, so be careful.

Intake of foods rich in salt content:
Majority of us love to eat salty food with pickles.The harsh truth is that this combination could lead to stomach cancer in us. It must be noted that the synthesis of n nitroso compounds or NOCs occurs when we eat salty foods. These are carcinogenic or cancer causing in humans and this was according to IARC. It is good to reduce the sodium content in the food to about less than 2300 milligrams per day.

Intake of contaminated or infected foods:
It is possible to get stomach cancer when we eat foods that have been poisoned by  Helicobacter Pylori bacteria. Truth is that in India the infection is present in about 50% to 805 of the population. This infection that spreads by food contamination could lead to gastritis. It has been mentioned by research study that high intake of salty foods is linked to increased risk of H. Pylori infection.

Intake of red and processed meats etc:
The shocking truth is that by consuming processed meats we could get stomach cancer. It was shown by research study in 2018 that excessive consumption of processed meats like sausages and red meat etc could increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 20percent. Our cells would get damaged by eating processed meats and that could be due to the formation of certain compounds during high temperature cooking. By this, the development of cancerous cells would be initiated. So, be careful.

Intake of ultra processed foods:
It is believed diets that are rich in ultra processed foods would result in stomach cancer in us. Various examples of ultra-processed foods and drinks are packaged sweet and savoury snacks, sodas and energy drinks, morning c cereals, reconstituted meat products etc.

Intake of food supplements:
There are more chances of stomach cancer when we eat specific food supplements and chemical contamination from food packaging etc. In other words, by eating foods that have undergone extensive processing, we could get stomach cancer plus other issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease etc. So, take care.



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