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Want to keep fruits fresh for a longer time, try these ways?

Posted on: 21/Nov/2022 6:15:12 PM
The fruits are rich in natural sugars, fiber content plus in several minerals, vitamins that are required for our day to day lives. The fruits that are easily available would provide us with instant energy and are good for our health. The bitter fact is that the fruits rot very fast and need to be preserved well. This would therefore leave us with very few options of selecting healthy snacks for our energy and health etc.  Not many of us would know that there are few ways that are available and by these ways we would be able to keep the fruits fresh for a longer duration .

Various effective ways by which fruits could be kept fresh for a longer duration of time are

By counting the fruits:

It is learnt that the recommended daily allowance for fruits is 2 pieces as they would get spoiled very easily. This was according to some experts. Hence, we must count the fruits when we purchase them at the shops. By this, our lives would become easier and we won`t have the necessity to throw the fruits.

By rinsing:

It has become a habit for many of us these days to buy large amounts of fruits, wash them and without drying them in a fridge. This would lead to the formation of mould and it would spoil the fruits. This issue can be eliminated by storing the fruits as it is or washing and wiping them well before keeping them in the fridge.It is good to rinse the fruits only at the time of eating them.

By wrapping in a paper towel:

It is true that by this method we would be able to save many fruits from spoiling and keep them fresh. Mostly, we store fruits like apples and pears as oit is in the fruit drawer. Wrapping these fruits in a paper towel and then storing in a fruit drawer could prevent the fruits from getting spoilt. This method is being used by many fruit vendors on the roadside.

By using vinegar solution:

This is one of the easiest methods by which we could keep the fruits fresh from getting rotten etc. Here, a large bucket with water is taken and fruits are immersed. To this, a few drops of vinegar solution is added with little salt and stirred well. Then, it is left to stand for 5 to 10 minutes. This method would be highly beneficial as it not only removes dirt etc from the fruit but it would also kill the germs etc well.  By this method, even formation of moulds etc can be avoided easily. It is important to rinse the fruits well after taking out the vinegar solution and dry them well.