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Conjunctivitis (Madras Eye) spreads quite fast in Chennai!

Posted on: 17/Nov/2022 12:05:57 PM
Doctors have estimated that conjunctivitis (known as `Madras Eye`) is spreading quite fast in Chennai Metro City!

They inform that hundreds of affected citizen approach t3h hospitals with the infection every day!

The infectious virus which forms and affects the link between the eyes and the eyelid area is known as the `Madras Eye`!

The infection may be through the air or the dust. Dirt. Apart from this, using the items used by the infected persons may also lead to infection of `Madras Eye` or conjunctivitis.

The main symptoms of being affected by `Madras Eye` are:

  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Reddening of the eyes
  • Water oozing out continuously from the eyes
  • Eyelids sticking to the eyes

Generally, if one eye gets affected with Madras Eye, it is most likely that the other eye also will get affected!

As such, the Director of the Chennai Metro City Egmore Eye Hospital Doctor Prakash has informed us that the affected citizens must be extremely careful!

Doctor Prakash shared further:

"In Egmore Eye Hospital, we receive more than 500 affected patients daily! They are all given treatment and medicines.  We have sufficient stock of the required medici9nes! There has been no shortage so far!

Citizens affected by Madras Eye MUST isolate themselves!  Madras Eye gets cured in 5 days! However, negligence to have proper medication or care MAY EVEN LEAD TO LOSS OF EYESIGHT!!"