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Heavy traffic congestion on the stretch of GST Road near Tambaram railway station!!

Posted on : 28/Sep/2022 9:18:57 AM

For the people living in the southern suburbs, Tambaram has become the busiest transit hub is known.

The lack of parking space has resulted in the heavy traffic congestion on the stretch of GST Road near the railway station at Tambaram. This has been increasing the risk of accidents here. To go to their work spots located in core places in Chennai by boarding a bus or train etc, many persons park their two wheelers or vehicles at the railway station parking. These days, with the hike in the price of fuels, many people park their vehicles at the railway station and take public modes of transport to reach their offices in Chennai.

There is now a huge demand for parking space here.The parking fee has been doubled inside the Tambaram railway station and despite this the parking lots here are always full of vehicles. Few years back, the bikers paid Rs 10 and now they pay Rs 20 for the first 8 hours of parking. The Tambaram railway station parking lots are being used by those who use the nearby post office or those who use the market etc.

The state highways department has spent Rs 32 crores on maintaining gardens below Tambaram overbridge. This could be used as a parking lot just like in Adyar. This was as per an activist resident belonging to Tambaram. He was of the view that this could be used to generate revenue also for the government by distributing tokens for parking.

The Highways department officials have mentioned that they would look into it but were unsure regarding the effectiveness of the garden below the Tambaram overbridge used as a parking lot. Truth is that Tambaram on the highway is being frequented by more vehicles unlike Adyar. Therefore, parking  lots would become a hindrance to the free flow of traffic.



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