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Information about widening of the narrow service lanes on the sides of Chennai-Bengaluru Highway!!


Posted on : 26/Sep/2022 9:31:14 AM

Motorists have been jostling for space and this has been leading to many traffic congestions on the arterial roads belonging to the city.

To provide a solution for this issue, the narrow service lanes present on the both sides of Chennai-Bengaluru highway in Vellore would be widened soon. It is now said that by widening the narrow service lanes from 5m to 8.5m, the motorists would be provided with more space and traffic congestion would not be there on the arterial roads. It must be taken into account that an expert team from IIT Madras have proposed this change to the collector Mr. P. Kumaravel Pandian for the smooth flow of traffic. A fortnight back, new traffic changes were introduced on the highway and on its service-lanes is well known.

It was later revealed by a motorist that after the traffic change just for a few days traffic personnel were seen doing their duties at important intersections and they disappeared. This led to traffic violations.  

here are several changes that have been proposed to improve the traffic in the fort town and these are reduction in size of Green Circle, a roundabout highway below that was formed in 2009, removal of triangle shaped traffic island on the east side of Green Circle that obstructs free traffic flow, installation of proper signage of routes well in advance plus uniform bitumen road to entire width of the road in and around Green Circle and finally enough pedestrian crossings.

It was brought to light by some motorists that the new changes have led to free traffic flow and eased traffic congestion around the Green Circle. Policemen have played their role in preventing parking of vehicles on the service lanes. They have added that once the traffic policemen disappeared then autos again occupied their old space leading to traffic congestions.



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