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Do you breathe through mouth quite extensively? Here are some issues this will lead to!!


Posted on : 23/Sep/2022 11:50:13 AM

Breathing is the No. # 1 activity for all living creatures! Breathing indicates living! We do not know how many time we keep inhaling and exhaling in a day! The fact is that we breathe not only though nose! We also use the mouth! Let us see whether breathing through the mouth whether it is good or not!!

The holes in the nose helps us breathe and we generally use both nose and mouth for breathing. Both nose and mouth are linked with the breathing system. This is why sometimes while drinking water, it goes to the nose and gets released!

A large number of people breathe through the mouth while sleeping! NOTE THAT IT IS WRONG TO BREATHE THROUGH THE MOUTH WHILE SLEEPING!

Just like we breathe through nose, breathing is also done through the mouth. The holes in the nose help inhale and exhale. When these holes get blocked, we breathe through the mouth! But this is harmful!

Recently, a nutrition expert has shared the issues arising out of breathing through the mouth!

Many people are keen to know why breathing through the mouth should be avoided!

Gases like nitric oxide is excerted in nose and increases in oxygen absorption by body by 10%.

Breathing through nose calms the brain and helps you go to deep sleep and deep sleep help in hormone regulation and immunity building

The nutrition expert explains:
"There are 2 branches in our nerve system. They are sympathetic and parasympathetic. The parasympathetic branch maintains the reacting and digestion systems. Sympathetic branch takes care of the rest for the body and the mind!

Breathing through the mouth takes our body to the sympathetic branch. At the same time, the nose holes engages the parasympathetic system. This leads to different complaints in the body! This causes prolonged mental tension and breathing system difficulties. Further, this also blocks the growth of new tissues after some physical exercise."

Breathing through nose helps weight loss! However, breathing through the mouth harms us in different ways! Whereas breathing through nose yields several health benefits! Breathing through the nose helps loss of weight in a large way!

When we sleep, lots of activities and processes happen in our body! The recovering process happens in our body while we sleep! As such, it is very important that one must breathe through the nose while sleeping!

If one breathes through the mouth while sleeping, it will harm the recovery process mentioned above! However, when we enter into the `Deep s sleep` zone, we are not aware how we breathe!!

Methods to improve breathing through the nose:
To repeat, we are not aware of how we breathe while in deep slumber!  As such, how to check and control breathing through the mouth?

Yes!1 There are some simple methods for this!! Following these, we can ensure breathing through the nose! Especially. Breathing through the nose while sleeping in the night!

Generally, the breathing system functions only through the nose! However, it happens sometimes through the mouth! So, we have to know the reason why and how this happens!

We change over to breathing through the mouth only when there is block in the nose breathing!

So, we should initiate some action to enhance the nose breathing system!

Breathing through nose and mouth:
We now know breathing through the nose is the best! It acts as a filter as well while breathing! It filters the fine dust particles in the air! However, breathing though the mouth IS NOT like this! The dust particles and other impurities might enter the food route in the body!

Further, breathing through the nose helps maintain our body heat level! It also prevents many other issues such as snoring! Snoring is the problem that emanates by breathing through the mouth!

Also, breathing through the nose maintains the right humidity level of the air breathed!

Dryness in the mouth:
We studied all issues about breathing through the mouth! This creates several issues in the body!  This leads to dryness in the mouth, popsicles in the mouth, etc. Snoring, feeling fatigue, foul smell in the mouth, and other issues are also created by breathing through the mouth!

Mouth breathing sleep and immunity
Children who breath through mouth has a tendency to fall sick frequently because mouth doesn`t not filter the air.

Mouth breathing children get repeated cold and blocked nose which inturn increase the mouth breathing.

All term mouth breathing can effect the quality of sleep and slowly children immunity decrease which in turn make them more prone to infection

Role of pediatric dentist in mouth breathing
Function pediatric dentist who has special training in mouth breathing and with help of myofunctional or oral excercise therapy can help in correction of mouth breathing. 

We at bunny teeth specialize in myofunctional dentistry and can help children to correct mouth breathing habit

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