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Know about the new parks & playgrounds that will be coming up in Kilambakkam and Porur in Chennai?


Posted on : 18/Aug/2022 9:38:00 AM

This piece of news will make many residents of Chennai delighted!!

It is now said that CMDA or Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority would develop 15 acres of Open Space Reservation or OSR land in Kilambakkam bus stand and 21 acres of OSR lands in Porur having large public spaces with parks and playgrounds. An amount of Rs 30 crores would be spent for this sake.

Department of Tourism and the department of environment, climate change and forest would coordinate with each other for setting up of parks and playgrounds. After receiving the approval from the TN government, CMDA would start the work in full flow.

In Kilambakkam, CMDA has been planning to set up a sponge park. This is artificial wet land structure that will collect, filter and store the runoffs as a pilot basis here. Near the ASI, the sponge park would be coming up.

In the huge piece of land that was gifted by Sri Ramachandra Educational and Health Trust in Porur, CMDA has proposed to build a sports complex and a park. On the condition that the land should be handed back to GCC, the CMDA has been given permission. It is noteworthy that as per the development regulations of the second master plan in sites with an extension of 10000 sq m or more 10% of the area excluding roads should be reserved as OSR and transferred to the authority or the local body that has been designated.

As per the figures available till 2015, since the second master plan in Chennai, 1335553111 sq m of land has been earmarked as OSR. It must be noted that these OSR lands have been maintained as parks by the local body. The reserved sites would be taken by CMDA and handed over to local bodies. This would be for the development of play fields and parks.



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