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Second Airport in Chennai - Saving 800 houses in Parandur possible by realigning runway!!


Posted on : 18/Aug/2022 9:22:19 AM

It is now known to all of us that Parandur would be place where the second airport would be coming up. There were many who are against this.

To save hundreds of houses in the village, Mr. Selvaperunthagai, Congress Legislative Party leader has sought re-alignment of one of the airport runways of the Greenfield airport. Point is that under Mr. Selvaperuntagai of Sriperumbudur constituency only this proposed Greenfield airport site at Parandur comes under.

It is worthy to note here that 4563 acres of land in places like Parandur,, Valathur, Nelvai, Kodavur, Yekanapuram, Singilipadi, Madhapuram, Idyarpakkam, Kungarambakkam, Thiaganapuram, Akkammapuram and Mahadevimangalam villages come under the site that has been earmarked for the setting up of the second airport in Chennai. As nearly 800 houses fall within the earmarked land Yekanapuram village would be highly affected with the construction of the second airport.

He compared other villages with that of Yekanapuram village and spoke about how in other villages it was mostly cultivable lands that would get affected whereas in Yekanapuram 800 houses would get affected if the second airport was set up.

The superb piece of information is that out of two runways if the alignment of on runway was changed little then it would be possible to save 800 houses in the Yekanapuram village. Truth is that re-aligning the runway would save the houses of the people in the village and the adjoining cultivable land could be used. As the techno-feasibility was not carried out yet, there are possibilities of changing the alignment.

The airport could be set up anywhere but the cultivable land cannot be developed once it gets lost. For this, the TN government must provide a compensation amount of Rs 3 lakhs per acre of land. The chief minister of TN has given assurance that the project would not affect the people and has promised full support for the people.



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