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Facial Muscles Therapy administered for a kid Germany with major physical issues!

Posted on : 12/Aug/2022 7:10:43 PM

Important information about facial muscle exercise therapy!!

Sleep disordered breathing or obstructive sleep disordered breathing is defined as a syndrome of upper air dysfunction during sleep. Various symptoms associated with this issue are teeth grinding breathing issues, repeated cold and cough, snoring and breathing through mouth etc. This sleep disordered breathing would affect the sleep quality of the kid. There would also be issues in the development of jaws plus airway development etc.

For proper teeth alignment, airways play a huge role and the fact is that improper alignment of teeth can be due to improper functioning of the facial muscles. To correct the teeth alignment, it is not necessary to wait till the kid turns 13 years of age. It is important to start early to avoid braces in the kids. The jaw size in the babies has reduced due to change in food habits and soft food concept of baby food.

The bones present in the jaws of the baby would grow well and for that breast feeding and chewing plays an important role. Wisdom teeth coming out have been an issue in the kids and shrinking in the jaw size is the main reason. For removing the wisdom teeth, surgery is necessary. Root cause of the issue gets treated with myo-functional therapy sessions.

Facial Muscles Therapy administered for a kid Germany with major physical issues!

 A child patient from Germany, with major physical problem, was administered with Facial Muscle exercise therapy!

This child has breathing issues, teeth grinding, repeated cold and cough infection, snoring and mouth breathing.

This particular complaint/condition is called `sleep disordered breathing in children`.

This complaint affects the children`s sleep quality, jaw development and airway development.

In this condition, airway plays the most important role in proper teeth alignment. Improper facial muscles function can lead to tooth alignment issue.

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