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Surprising decision to be taken by the Central Govt regarding toll plazas across India??


Posted on : 06/Aug/2022 9:44:31 AM

In the future, don`t be surprised if you do not come across any toll booths!!

The news that has emerged out now is that the Central government is planning to remove all the toll booths in India and use GPS to collect toll amounts from the vehicles. Based on the kilometre, toll amount collected at various toll booths in India is known.

In the beginning, the toll amount was collected in the form of cash and this led to accumulation of vehicles at the toll booths leading to many issues for the vehicle drivers. To provide a solution for this, the Centre introduced FASTag is known. Point is that after FASTag came into effect, long waiting times for vehicles at toll booths have been reduced. It uses radio frequency identification technology.

As there were some issues even in the FASTag system, the central government was thinking about other options also for toll collection. Now, it is thinking of collecting the toll amount by using the GPS method. By this, there would not be any necessity of FASTags at the toll booths. It must be noted that the Central Road Transport Department has decided to implement a GPS system by removing the toll booths in India.

It was brought out by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, minister for road transport that through modern technology toll collection would be carried out across India. This would totally eliminate thefts regarding toll money. In addition, the vehicles cannot escape without paying the toll fees. In another 6 months, this new technology would come into effect.

It is shocking to mention here that currently vehicles plying on national highways, political parties and officials etc get involved in arguments regarding payment of toll amount at the toll booths in India. There is no way to punish these people and by GPS method these issues would not be there.



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