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Free Booster Dose (Corona vaccination) for citizens above 18 years of age from today - 15th July!

Posted on: 15/Jul/2022 12:19:23 PM
Free Booster Dose is being administered to citizens above 18 years of age in all Government Hospitals from today (Friday, 15th July).

Tamil Nadu State Government Minister for Health, M. Subramanian has informed that subsequently, mega-vaccination camps for coronavirus infection will be conducted twice a month henceforth!

Vaccination administration against the raging spread of the coronavirus pandemic is being conducted throughout the country on a war footing!

For the citizens who had got administered with double vaccination, a third dose of vaccination, known as the `Booster Dose` or prewiring does` is administered as the third vaccination to keep the immunity and body resistance to infections sustained!

Earlier, free dos of booster administration were done in the government hospitals only for the citizens above 60 years of age and the field worker of the Health Department.

For the citizens in the age group 18-59, a booster dose was administered for Rs. 385.50 in the private hospital.

In this scenario, as a part of the country`s 75th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations, the Central Government has announced that for 75 days from today (Friday, 15th July), booster doses will be administered free to all citizens in all the government hospitals.

In Tamil Nadu, 3.60 Crores citizens had the double vaccination 6 months ago. Out of these citizens, only 18.80 Lakh citizens have been administered with Booster dose.

In this situation, following the above central government announcement of free booster doses for all age groups for 75 days, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has initiated action to ensure a booster dose for all citizens!

Tamil Nadu State Government Minister for Health, M. Subramanian, had a session with the press reporters. He shared that as the central government has offered free booster doses, the mean vaccinations camps which were conducted once a month will henceforth be conducted twice a month!!

The health minister further informed that he will be inaugurating the free Booster Dose administration today (Friday, 15th July) in Chennai Metro City!