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Chennai Corporation is taking strict action now against the illegal money collectors!!

Posted on : 02/Jul/2022 9:27:45 AM

The Greater Chennai Corporation has built public toilets for the sake of the residents. These toilets present in several places across Chennai can be used by the residents free of cost. There are some people who have been collecting money from the public using these toilets in Chennai.

It must be taken into account that GCC has initiated action against these 6 persons for illegal money collection from the public for using the toilets. Residents could call helpline 1913 of the Chennai Corporation if they wanted to give any complaint regarding illegal money collection at the public toilets. At 943 locations across the city of Chennai, public toilets have been constructed and the residents could use these toilets free of cost.

Many complaints have been received by GCC regarding illegal money collection from various residential neighbourhoods and commercial areas etc. It is now said that there has been an increase in the illegal money collection at these public toilets after new councillors were elected.

In Royapuram belonging to north Chennai, GCC officials have inspected the public toilet. From here complaints have been registered is known. Point is that public complaints have been filed against 6 persons for illegal collection of money from the residents for using the toilets. There are 15 zones in GCC and in these 15 zones as many as7590 toilet seats are being maintained by the Chennai Corporation. In Chennai, as many as 366 public toilets are getting renovated also. Ina few months, 866 toilet seats would be added once the project has been implemented.



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