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Toll Charges Up in Navalur Toll-gate from 1st July!!


Posted on : 27/Jun/2022 12:52:05 PM


Toll charges are to be increased from 1st July at the Navalur toll-gate located on Rajiv Gandhi Road

Toll-gate charges for all toll-gates in Tamil Nadu functioning under the National Highways Commission are revised every year in April and September!

As such, Tamil Nadu Highways Development Corporation is maintaining the Rajiv Gandhi High Road from Madhya Kailash to Mamallapuram in Chennai Metro City.

Rajiv Gandhi Road (Earlier known as Old Mahabalipuram Road) known as High Tech Express Way, had 5 toll gates earlier. Out of these, 4 toll gates have been removed. Presently, only 1 toll gate at Navalur is functioning.

The toll charges are being revised for this toll-gate at Navalur from 1st July!

As per the revised toll charges, toll charges for travel in auto is revised from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 11/-. For travel in cars/jeeps, it is revised from Rs. 30/- to Rs. 33/-!

For these vehicles one trip including the return, the toll charge is Rs. 22/-.  For many trips on a single day, the toll charge is Rs. 37/-.

For monthly travel throughout the month, the trip card is Rs. 345/-!

For the vehicles with freight and the light commercial vehicles, the toll charge has been increased from Rs. 49/- to Rs. 54/-! For a single to & return trip, the charge is Rs. 108/-. For multiple trips in a day, it is Rs. Rs, 150/-. The token cost is Rs. 3365/-for trips in a month.

As regards the buses, the toll charge is revised from Rs. 76 to Rs. 86/-. For a single return trip, it is Rs. 170/-. For multiple trips in a single day, it is Rs. 255/-. For a month, the toll token costs Rs. 5570/-!

.For the local travellers/residents, it is Rs. 350/- for cars for a month. For Light Commercial Vehicles, it is Rs. 400/-. For trucks and other heavy vehicles, it is Rs. 1100/-!

The Managing Director and the President of the Information Technology Highway Project have informed us that the above-revised toll charges would be implemented from 1st July!
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