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New!! 25 types of certificates / documents can be obtained ONLINE!


Posted on : 26/May/2022 1:40:39 PM

The Minister for School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, Anbil Magesh, inaugurated the facility to obtain the various services given by the Department of School Education to the students, teachers and parents.

Online services for the students and the public, certificates for having studied in Tamil medium, Education certificates, Certificates for shifting, and the issue of various other 25 certificates can be accessed by the students instead of the present procedure of approaching the concerned offices directly to get them!

Now, they can visit the nearest Tamil Nadu Public Service Centre and get the required certificates from anywhere!

On this occasion of launching this service, the State Minister for School Education distributed the certificate for having studied in Tamil medium to some students!

Gradually, this service will be extended to cover all document-related services for online services offered in the Public Service Centres.

To reduce the quantum of administration work to be done by the teachers, all the registers kept in schools have been entered on the computers as already ordered by the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

For a start, 30 registers have been computerised and are functioning now. As such, the teachers will not need to maintain these ledgers from the academic year 2022-23! It is sufficient if they keep electronic records.

As such, the teachers will be released to a certain extent on this front and spend this time better fussing about their teaching.

It is planned that by June 2022, all other registers would be converted into electronic records.

Presently, the teachers approach the concerned directly on issues such as applying for leave, and permission. Medical leave. Etc. To provide relief from this system, a new App has been created and is already in use used on their cell phones.  By this, more than 3 Lakhs teachers will benefit!

The State Government Department of School Education has released the time-tables for various programmes such as the reopening date of school for the new academic year, the school working days, dates of examinations, dates of holidays, etc. for the benefit of students, parents, and teachers.

The required training on using these services are being imparted to the over 3 Lakhs teacher working in government & government-aided schools.

Further, the State Ministry for School Education has released the timetable for the monthly basic plan for the teachers to r receive the basic plan details including self-initiated training.

With this, all teachers will be aware of the complete details of their training and avail of the maximum benefits from the same!
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