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Fantastic job opportunities for techies in the engineering facility of Qualcomm in Chennai!!


Posted on : 21/May/2022 9:44:23 AM

There are around 100 job openings for techies in the engineering facility at Qualcomm Chennai. Now, this wireless technology and semiconductor major is on the lookout for the technologist`s post. Truth is that around 70 such openings have been posted online.

Various job opportunities that would be available for the techies at the Qualcomm engineering facility   in Chennai are hardware, System of Chip or SoC, software architects, Networking and Connectivity etc. India is gearing up for the developments in 5G, Wireless Lan, Fixed Wireless Access or FWA etc.

It is now revealed that the talent of techies would support the initiatives of Qualcomm Chennai. It must not be forgotten that the Chennai facility was initially the offshore development centre for Atheros, a San Jose based company. In the year 2011, Qualcomm group acquired this company.

Many developmental works have been going on at the Qualcomm Chennai engineering facility since 2011 is known. The technologists in the Chennai facility of Qualcomm have been sensational and they have developed multiple generations of the 802.11 WLAN standards like WiFi5, WiFi6 and WiFi6E etc. Recently WiFi7 has also been announced by the Chennai engineering team

Mr. Mahesh Moorthy, vice-president engineering, Qualcomm India expressed his views. He spoke about how the Chennai engineering facility has got a superb product development team with the team of highly talented silicon engineers, software engineers and support engineers etc. 

He then explained how the Chennai facility has got capabilities to develop and deliver solutions through the Qualcomm groups ecosystem. It is noteworthy that the continuing and rapid evolution of the wireless environment across the world and in India has provided the engineering teams in Chennai to make a huge contribution to Qualcomms global R& D engine.

Get degree while working in Qualcomm:

It must be taken into note that Qualcomm has been associated with famous educational institutions in India like BITS Pilani and IITs etc. The engineers could get M. Tech degrees while working at Qualcomm. Information is that the employees of Qualcomm (as per their interest) would be able to get certified in specialised subjects like signal processing, Machine learning and Deep Learning etc.
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