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Department of School Education Plan: reopening of schools by end of June!!


Posted on : 20/May/2022 2:10:29 PM

The Department of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has planned to reopen schools after summer vacation by end of June!

Various activities, such as making prior arrangements are in progress for the provision of breakfast for the school students (Standards 1-5), renovation of the school premises, and relevant training for teachers are in progress. As such, the reopening of schools is delayed.

The reopening of schools in Tamil Nadu got delayed due to the raging coronavirus pandemic. As such, in the last academic year, the schools were constrained to reopen only by September when the classes started. However, due to the Coronavirus 2nd & 3rd waive, the schools were closed again in January and reopened in February!

In this scenario, it was announced that the Public Examinations will be conducted this year.  As the Revision Examinations were conducted,

Presently, in May, the Public Examinations for the +2, +1, and 10th Standard are commenced! The Public Examinations are set to conclude by the end of May!

Meanwhile, the government and government-aided schools following the State Government Syllabus have closed the schools for summer vacation for the students from the 1st Standard to the 9th Standard from 14th May. It was announced that the schools will reopen for these classes in the 2nd week of June.

However, due to various essential activities such as correction of answer-sheets for the students of the +1, +2, and 10th Standard, training classes for the teachers, and the infrastructure development of the more than 10000 schools in the State of Tamil Nadu, etc., the Department of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has planned to reopen the schools only by end June!

Apart from the above issues, the 1st Phase of the implementation of the scheme of providing breakfast for the students of the 1st to 5th Standards is being taken up in some districts!

As all these above-mentioned activities are in progress, the officials of the Department of School Education have informed us that the reopening of schools will get delayed.

The Department of School Education had announced earlier that the school reopening Dates would be announced later, it is now planned to reopen the schools by the 4th week of June.  The official announcement regarding this is expected to be released soon.  As the learning activity of the school students is being lost due to this delay, the scheme of House-to-House Education will be continued!



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