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100% audience allowed in Cinema Theatres from 16th February! Details of latest relaxations


Posted on : 13/Feb/2022 9:51:41 PM

It has been announced by the State Government of Tamil Nadu that apart from the movie theatres allowed to function with 100% audience, the textile shops, jewellery shops, Entertainment Centres, Gymnasiums, etc., can also function with 100% capacity!

The extent/impact of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic and its variant Omicron has been reducing at a steady rate over the last few weeks! As such, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has been announcing relaxations from various restrictions imposed during the lockdown.


        In this aspect, the existing lockdown imposition has been extended until 2nd March with additional relaxations.

        As per this, movie theatres have been allowed to function with 100% audience from 16th February. 100% capacity is permitted in all the hotels, restaurants and other eateries.

        It is also informed that all the textile shops, jewellery shops, entertainment centres and Gymnasiums can function with 100% capacity.

        Further, 100% audience are allowed in the indoor entertainment halls where seminars, conferences, music and drama programmes are conducted.

Restrictions continuing:

Organising Social, cultural and political meetings where the public gathers is NOT yet permitted.

Occasions like wedding and associated functions will be allowed to be conducted WITH A MAXIMUM OF 200 PERSONS,

Death-related ceremonies will be allowed to be conducted BUT WITH A MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION OF 100 PERSONS.

Other issues to adhere

        The State Government of Tamil Nadu has extended the above-mentioned relaxations giving due priority to the lifeline of the public!

        However, the public is strongly emphasised to continue wearing face masks in public places and must strictly adhere to keeping the social distancing.

        The citizens MUST undertake the administration of a double dosage of coronavirus vaccines!

        Further, hand sanitizers with dispensers MUST be kept at the entrance of all shops. Also, Thermal Screening - the body temperature of the visitor must be checked with the necessary equipment.

        The administration of the shops MUST confirm the shop staff as well the customers visiting the shops is wearing facial masks!




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