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Why are the lives of many Chennai residents now in extreme danger?


Posted on : 15/Jan/2022 11:59:30 AM


The movement of the Covid-19 positive persons in Chennai is making news now!!

The staff belonging to GCC have been finding it difficult to keep a track of the Covid-19 positive persons as the number of cases have become more suddenly in Chennai. The shocking news is that some persons after having tested positive for Covid-19 infection are using autos and cabs to reach their destinations.

It must be taken into account that recently a K.K. Nagar resident took her daughter in law to the hospital after she tested Covid-19 positive in a cab. She explained that there was nobody to help them and hence took a cab to reach the hospital as soon as possible as her daughter in law was pregnant. With the Covid-19 patients not disclosing details about their issues, the drivers of autos and cabs are at high risk now. The lives of the residents are now in extreme danger. Point is that by telling the truth the drivers would not allow the Covid-19 patents to travel in their vehicles.

It is well known that GCC has introduced a drop off facility at the various screening centers for the home isolated patients. It was mentioned by a 60 year old Covid-19 positive person belonging to T. Nagar that he was forced to take an auto from her home to the screening center at Nesapakkam as he was advised to be in home isolation.

Only if the Covid-19 positive persons could drive their own car, they could opt for a private hospital or else they must call an ambulance. This was according to the protocol guidelines.

It is worthy to note that depending on advice from the doctor’s at the screening centers the vehicles belonging to GCC would be available to drop these persons at their homes or at Covid-19 care centers or hospitals. 

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