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Good News for Citizens of Chennai Metro City: daily additional water supply!

Posted on: 11/Jan/2022 12:32:33 PM
As a current stock of 12 TMC (Thousand Million Cubic Feet) water is available in the major water resources/reservoirs in Chennai Metro City, CMWSSB (Chennai Metro Water Supply And Sewerage Board) and PWD (Public Works Department (PWD) officials have announced that an additional 1000 Million cft of water will be distributed daily in the urban areas of the Chennai Metro City!

As a sufficient quantity of water is available in all the major water reservoirs supplying water to Chennai Metro City, additional quantities of water is being supplied daily to the urban citizens!

Especially, 776.58 million litres of drinking water is supplied through pipes to some urban areas. For the expanded areas of the Chennai Metro City, 138.12 Million litres is distributed daily. For the other part of Chennai City, 17.80 million litres of drinking water is supplied through trucks.12.04 million litres of drinking water is supplied to the recently expanded 28.33 Million Litres of water is supplied to the industries and factories daily, Thus a total of 1001.06 million litres of water is being supplied to the whole of Chennai Metro City daily!

As the drinking water supply has been increased, quite naturally, the quantity of sewage water has also increased! These collected sewage waters from the various urban areas are taken to the Sewage Water treatment Centres I Chennai Kodungaiyur, Koyambedu, Perungudi, Nesapakkam, and Sholinganallur. The purified water from these centres, 6.37 million litres of water is obtained and distributed to the factories and industries!

The current water capacity in various reservoirs in Chennai Metro City in MCFT (Million Cubic Feet):

Poondi Reservoir 3.122, Chozhavaram 882, Puzhal 3112, Kannankottai-Thervaai Kandigai 500, Chembarambakkam 3396, and Veeranam Lake 924.45

The total capacity including all major reservoirs is 13222 million cubic feet (13.22 TMC). Presently, there is a stock of 11936.45 Million Cft (12 TMC).

The inflow of 622 cft to Poondi Water reservoir is kept fully open. Apart from this, to meet additional demand for drinking water, drinking water is taken from Chozhavaram Lake 15 cft, Puzhal Lake 289 cft, Kannankottai-Thervaai Kandigai 149 cft, and Chembarambakkam Lake 297 cft.

Presently, there is a monthly demand for drinking water of 1 TMC for Chennai Metro City. As such, PWD and CMWSSB officials have informed that this demand can be met for the next 12 months with the available quantity of water!