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Who said the Delta variant of Coronavirus has gone completely in Chennai and TN?


Posted on : 03/Dec/2021 10:15:04 AM

The superb piece of news is that till now there has been no case reported in Chennai and in TN regarding the new rapid spreading Omnicron variant Coronavirus.

The Delta variant is still active in Chennai and in Tamil Nadu even now and this was brought out by some officials belonging to the public health department. It is well known that this Delta variant was responsible for more than 36000 cases per day in the month of May.

Mr. J. Radhakrishnan, health secretary, spoke about how testing has been intensified at various airports to make sure that the new variant does not make its way to Tamil Nadu. He added that inside TN there have been 700 cases every day. He shed light on how samples collected from many clusters in the last 2 months have shown that 95% of people infected with the virus had delta variant. Whole genome sequencing has been carried out now by the state public health lab in Chennai to track variants.

According to Dr. D. S. Raju, head, state public health lab, it was very clear that the genomic data would help the government to make fast decisions and it was a superb surveillance tool. He then highlighted that genomic data would not reduce the transmission or deaths. New variants would emerge when the transmission becomes high. To determine the variant, it would take a week of time and by that time there would be more cases if the protocols were not followed properly.

The most effective tool to prevent and manage the virus is vaccination only and this was according to some experts of the public health department. The directorate of public health has informed that just 44% adults have been fully vaccinated till now. Less than 30% of the total population in TN wear facemasks and maintain social distance etc now. This was confirmed by an epidemiologist.



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