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Release of e-booklet, “Diabetes kNOw More For Girls And Women” by Tmt. Durga Stalin


Posted on : 28/Nov/2021 9:59:20 PM

November 14 is World Diabetes Day.  This day is the birthday of Prof Banting, one of the great scientists, who discovered insulin 100 years ago. The International Diabetes Federation has chosen a remarkably appropriate theme this year. “ACCESS TO DIABETES CARE: IF NOT NOW, WHEN”? This is particularly relevant for girls and women. Diabetes is different, difficult and dismissed in them. Women’s health is also being looked at usually only  through a narrow lens of reproductive health.

In keeping with the theme of world diabetes day and the mission of DIWAS, we have developed an e-booklet, “Diabetes kNOw More For Girls And Women”, that will address all aspects of diabetes management and most importantly diabetes prevention.

The e-booklet was released by Thirumathi Durga Stalin (w/o Thiru M.K. Stalin, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu today at Chennai. The ebooklet was authored by Dr. Usha Sriram, Founder of Diwas (Physician, Endocrinology, Diabetes Specialist Medical Ethics Practitioner and strong Women’s Health Advocate) 

The mission of DIWAS (Diabetes in Women Awareness Strategies) and DiDi (Diwas integrated Diabetes initiative) is to empower girls and women with the knowledge, tools and skills to be better prepared to prevent diabetes and the complications of diabetes and non-communicable diseases. The DIWAS and DiDi team across the country and across the globe are all seriously  committed to the cause of women’s health .

We intend to bring this e-booklet in as many regional languages as possible and to cascade to millions of girls and women through WhatsApp, E-mail, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Reaching women where they are is our goal. We will use audio, video, in-person and any other format that will help.

Women need our attention and our efforts to protect them from  diabetes and its complications and other NCD’S. Healthy Young girls become healthy young women who will become healthy mothers and healthy adults and senior women. 

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