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Thaka Thimi Thaka Janu: Jaya TV


Posted on : 28/Oct/2021 11:41:31 AM

Jaya TV airs a special program for Bharatanatyam artists with new rounds "Taka Thimi Taka Janu" airing every Sunday at 9.30 am.

Jaya TV`s` Adapt arrogance mother `traditional natanamana paratanattiyattirku channel`s behalf, providing tremendous pankalippakumjeya TV young Bharatanatyam artists a platform developed and` adapt arrogance mother `is not a strange event in which more than 500 episodes aired in the national level of the best dance show offered` Raba `has also won the award.

It has identified more than 5000 young talents and has a history of creating nearly 1000 dance teachers.

Leading actresses and dancers Banupriya, Shobana, Sukanya, Mohini, Sudha Chandran, Annie Malavika, Vimala Raman, Indraja, Aparna and many more have hosted the super hit show Thaka Thimi Thava.

Currently Jaya TV is coming up with a new format and new rounds "Thaka Thimi Thaka Janu" as an exclusive show for Bharatanatyam artists. This new show is scheduled to run for seasons.

Each season has a total of 26 episodes, including the opening round, quarterfinal round, semifinal round and final round. The winner will be selected at the end of the season.

Each stage will have different rounds. The initial round is filmed in 14 episodes. A total of 42 contestants will be auditioned and selected, all of whom will participate in this preliminary round.

14 winners will be selected from them and there will be room for 4 wild card entries. Competitors must compete in 3 challenging rounds.

1. Dillana Round

This first round will be a challenge and will test the dancers skill, ability, quality and endurance. Dillana is a fast number interspersed with complex rhythms.

2. Second Round Screen Music Round

This round will evaluate the dancers` ability to express their manners or habits. Contestants must choose melodic songs from the movies and dance to them. Dont choose songs that have already been danced to in those films. Choose songs that do not dance.

3. The final round is a suspense round called the Confluence.

Each contestant must take a slip from a bowl in which the contestants must dance to whatever is written on it.

It may be based on folklore or musical instruments. In the initial rounds of 14 episodes, there will be 2 referees for each episode. They are all Kalaimamani, the most famous dancece teachers with doctoral degrees in dance.

This is an innovative show actress and dancer ` Aruvi ` is hosted by Aditi Balan .

Concept and direction of the show: 
`Kalaimamani` Dr. Radhika Shurajit. Script, coordination and support movement: Shri. Churchill Pandian.

The preliminary 14 episodes had 2 judges per episode. They are all established Gurus and performers of repute - all Kalaimamani awardees and Doctorates in Natyam.

This unique show is hosted by Actor- Dancer `Aruvi` fame Aditi Balan.

The concept and Direction is by `Kalaimamani` Dr. Radhika Shurajit

Script, Co ordination and Assistant Direction : Sri. Churchill Pandian

THAKA DHIMI THAKA JANU will be telecast every Sunday 9.30 AM
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