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Shocking and true!! Do you know how many have not yet got their second dose of COVID vaccination in Chennai!!


Posted on : 26/Oct/2021 9:44:32 AM

The mega vaccination drives for Covid-19 infection have been a roaring success in Chennai and in the other parts belonging to Tamil Nadu.

Many have got their first as well as second dose of vaccination in these mega vaccination camps is well known to us. It is now said that despite the high number of Covid19 vaccinations given to persons who are due for their second dose more than 8.34 lakhs persons have missed their second dose. The data has revealed clearly that more than 6.12 lakhs persons havent got their second Covishield dose of vaccination. More than 2.22 lakhs persons havent got their second Covaxin dose in Chennai.

It is learnt that out of 6.12 lakhs persons who have missed their second dose of Covishield vaccination more than 3.13 lakh persons must have got their shots more than 6 weeks back. In less than 2 weeks, around 1.48lakh persons have missed their due date. The government norms have clearly specified that the second vaccination dose must be administered after 84 days or 12 weeks of time. Covaxin second dose was missed by 2.22 lakhs persons and out of those 1.34 lakhs persons must have got it more than weeks back. It is learnt that around 37500 persons have missed their due date by less than 2 weeks of time. Truth is that Covaxin second dose must be taken 4 weeks after taking the first dose.

The surprising piece of information from the GCC data is that the number of persons taking the second vaccine dose is higher than the number of persons taking the first dose. Out of 2.03lakh vaccination doses administered on Saturday during the mega vaccination drive 1.26lakhs were second doses and just around 77000 were first doses.

According to an official from GCC, the first dose of vaccination has been administered to more than 855 of the total population in Chennai city. He added that the number of persons coming to get their first dose of vaccination would obviously be lesser than those coming for their second shots. He concluded that the people are being alerted regarding their second vaccination doses

It was mentioned by a sanitary inspector that all the willing persons had atleast first dose of Covid-19 vaccination in many divisions belonging to Chennai. He spoke about how despite many requests several persons refuse to get their vaccine shots. This would indicate that the number of first vaccination doses might not increase.
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