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To seek and get the blessings of the 3 Supreme Goddesses, festivals and prayers on Saraswathi Pooja and Ayudha Pooja!


Posted on : 14/Oct/2021 11:43:45 AM

On the grand occasion of the festival of Saraswathi Pooja (Goddess of Education), it is traditional for the last several centuries to perform special Poojas and pray to Goddess Saraswathi

Here is the traditional procedure for performing this sacred pooja:

First, clean the place where the pooja is to be performed.

Lord Vinayaka is considered to be the ORIGIN of anything and everything! So, make a small-sized Lord Vinayaka from a turmeric piece and keep it on the Pooja dais. Pray Lord Vinayaka first to commence the Pooja!

Keep the picture of Lord Saraswathi on the pooja dais and adorn it with flowers and small garlands. Keep a cleaned wooden plate in front of the pooja dais and draw the kolam (rangoli pattern)  and put red =sand in the centre of the pattern.

Then apply vermillion and sandal paste on the books of the children in the residence!

Remember to keep all items related to education books, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, scales, menders, etc. on the pooja dais.

Keep all the daily used domestic/kitchen tools such as knives, scissors, measuring cups, vegetable-cutters, measuring devices, etc., on the dais after applying a little turmeric and vermillion on each.

Instruments related to music like Veena, Guitar, Mirudhangam, Sruthi Box, Jalras, etc., can also be kept after applying a little turmeric and vermillion on them.

Spread a plantain/banana leaf in front of the pooja dais and prepare and keep the favourite items of the Goddess such as Sunday, sweet Pongal, tamarind rice, lemon rice, etc., as special offerings to the Goddess Saraswathi.

Also, keep aval (flattened rice), puffed rice, peanuts and fruits on the plantain/banana leaf.

Hibiscus, rose, white lotus, etc., are considered to be the favourie flowers of Goddess Saraswathi so adorn the Goddess and pooja dais with these flowers.

While performing the pooja, chant the slogan, Durga Lakshmi Saraswathibyo Namaha. This will bring the blessings of the goddesses and good happenings to the house!

On the 9 days of Navarathri, to seek and get the blessings of the Goddesses, observe penance for special blessings. Even those who cannot perform these can whole-heartedly pray to the Goddess and get the same!

Performing the above Pooja, the special blessings of the Goddess Saraswathi are guaranteed!d!

As a means to pay respects and gratitude to the various tools used in our day-to-day living, it is traditional to keep them on the pooja dais as well while performing the pooja! And pray considering them also as gods! This is why the festival is known as Ayudha Pooja!

Right from all the implements such as nails, to all the machines and industrial equipment can be cleaned, adorn them with turmeric and vermillion and oil, adorn with flowers and perform pooja and then give rest to them for the special pooja day!

They can be taken out the next day after the special Ayudha Pooja for use! This is the tribute that we pay to these tools and implements which help us throughout the year by performing the pooja on this single day!
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