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Schneider Electric and Kewaunee International forge a strategic alliance to create the next generation laboratories

Posted on: 12/Jul/2021 5:23:32 PM
Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced a strategic alliance with Kewaunee Scientific Corporation’s International Division, a global leader in the design and manufacture of complete laboratory solutions to create next-generation smart labs of the future. This alliance will embolden Schneider Electric’s advancements in digital transformation and the integration of new-age technologies in the life sciences, healthcare,  diagnostic and other segments requiring top-performing laboratories. The two companies share the vision to create unparalleled customer experience for those looking to develop world-class laboratories by offering them an integrated approach.

Schneider Electric`s digital technology capability champions sustainability and decarbonization by optimizing digital energy. This, when combined with Kewaunee`s manufacturing and infrastructure capabilities, will bring to life the ability for companies to construct and operate laboratories that are truly 21st century in their digital capabilities. The company’s IoT and cloud-enabled EcoStruxure solution will render increased efficiency leading towards a well-equipped and future-ready ecosystem within laboratories. These labs will be powered by cutting-edge technologies that increase productivity and performance by omitting redundancies and breaking down silos. 

“The pandemic has accelerated the need to bolster the Life Sciences sector across the globe and India is playing a pivotal role in becoming a global hub for pharma, with a streamlined focus on diagnostics and testing. Our partnership with Kewaunee International lies on several tenets to reimagine and redesign the operation and functioning of laboratories across the country. Smart labs of the future will catalyze our vision to provide real-time insights across people, product, and process by end-to-end lifecycle management in Labs. We are proud to enter into this alliance, as we envision a future where our technical expertise and Kewaunee International’s prowess in manufacturing and infrastructure will render all-encompassing smart labs to create a more sustainable ecosystem for our customers,” says Manish Kumar SVP, Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric.

“The need for transformative solutions and practices in diagnostics and testing has expedited the growth of the healthcare and life sciences industry across the country. Being cognizant of this and thriving innovation, we at Schneider Electric are proud to enter this strategic alliance. This collaboration is aimed at redefining, revamping, and creating laboratories where businesses will be able to reap benefits and service their customers with revolutionary technologies.  The labs being designed can predict, analyze, diagnose, and provide solutions at unparalleled speed and increased efficiency. This partnership will bolster our efforts in building a robust network of smart labs that aims to fuel growth and potential in India as well as globally”, says Bhupesh Arora, Business Head, Digital Energy, Schneider Electric India.

“The future e of laboratory infrastructure is changing, and Kewaunee is investing and building capabilities to lead the laboratory 4.0 solution transformations for our customers. We are excited to partner with Schneider to provide these cutting edge capabilities to our customers and grow together as future-ready companies”, says B.Sathya murthy, Vice President & Managing Director -International Operations, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation. 

“This alliance brings together the capabilities of two industry leaders to provide an unparalleled offering to customers who are demanding better performance and insights from their laboratories”, says Tom Hull III, President & Chief Executive Officer, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation, USA.

The integration of advanced and emerging technologies paving the growth for Industry 4.0 has enabled immense disruptions across sectors creating future-proof solutions. Diagnostics and testing have transformed to encompass remote access, data filtering, real-time analysis with optimal efficiency. Schneider Electric and Kewaunee International will commence their operations to traverse across the complete lifecycle of laboratories from design, build, operation, and maintenance to allow the effective management of smart labs throughout their entire lifecycle. This collaboration will further streamline data analytics, monitoring and laboratory management to create secure networks and mitigate risks to bolster business function. Next-generation laboratory solutions for life sciences, healthcare and P&G segments will catalyze the growth of digital business in India and create increased value for customers, enabling immense business potential. 

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