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This latest vaccine immunisation programme from today in TN would be tremendous!!


Posted on : 13/Jul/2021 8:53:14 AM

At a time when the vaccination programme for Covid-19 infection has been going on in full flow in TN, another vaccination programme would also be making its presence felt!!

Deaths due to pneumonia and meningitis issues in the kids below the age of 5 have been on the rise. To prevent these deaths, from Tuesday, 13th July 2021onwards TN would launch PCV or Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine. In the coming year, roughly 9.2lakhs children would benefit from this vaccination programme. All roads would lead to the state run health care at Poonamallee in Chennai as the health minister Mr. M. Subramaniam would be inaugurating the PCV here. This has been confirmed by the director of public health Dr. T.S. Selvavinayagam.

In the 6th week, 14th week and in the 9th month, every child would be receiving 3 doses of PCV to get protection from the deadly pneumonia. Under UIP, PCV along with other vaccines would be provided for the children free of cost. According to a senior official belonging to the health department, a 6 week old child receives oral polio vaccine or OPV, rotavirus vaccine or oral drops, inactivated polio vaccine or IPV and penta vaccine or intramuscular injection. The new addition to the above mentioned list would be this PCV. Both Streptococcus Pneumonie as well as Haemophilus Influenzae has been responsible for this Pneumonia in the children.

Information gathered is that the incidence of Pneumonia due to H. Influenzae was 85% in the past but now it has reduced to15%. The main reason for this was due to the penta vaccine that is being administered by the government under the UIP. Infant mortality due to Pneumonia would be reduced soon by administering PCV. This was also mentioned by the official. It was pointed out by Dr. S. Balasubramanian , paediatrician that the programme had helped USA in reducing deaths due to Pneumonia in both the children as well as in the adults. Many of us would be surprised to know that it has been 2 decades since PCV arrived in our country. It was PCV7 first followed by PCV13 later.



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