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The list of the grocery items to be given as a package of 14 items in June!

Posted on: 03/Jun/2021 11:34:59 AM
The birth anniversary of the former Chief Minister Karunanidhi is being celebrated today (Thursday, 3rd June).

Earlier, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin had announced that the scheme of distributing a free package of 14 grocery items would commence on this day (3rd June).

Accordingly, the distribution of the free package of 14 grocery items commence today (Thursday, 3rd June)!

The package, being distributed at the ration shops, contains: 
500 gms of sugar, 1 kg of wheat, 1 kg of salt, 1 kg of Rava, 500 grams of black grams, 250 gms of tamarind, 250 grams of a split gram, 200 grams of tea-powder, 100 grams of mustard, 100 grams of chilli powder, 25 grams of toilet soap, 1-piece of 250 grams clothes-washing soap

The Chief Minister had also announced earlier that a corona relief fund of Rs. 4000/- will be distributed for the ration-card holders. Accordingly, the 1st instalment of Rs. 2000/- was given in May! It was announced that the balance of Rs. 2000/- will be given in June. Accordingly, the 2nd instalment of the Corona Relief Fund of Rs. 2000/- is being distributed today, the birth anniversary of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Karunanidhi.