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By these ways, safe pregnancy can be ensured during Covid-19 infection pandemic


Posted on : 04/May/2021 6:21:49 PM

The Coronavirus infection pandemic could create issues not only for the elder persons and those with comorbidities but also for pregnant mothers too. Therefore, pregnant mothers must take care and protect their foetus. It is well known that pregnancy is the most important stage in the life of a married woman and the birth of the babies would make their lives meaningful.

There are various ways by which the health of both pregnant mothers and newborns could be safeguarded during Covid-19 pandemic. They are

By avoiding sick persons:
This is one of the most important ways for safe pregnancy during Covid-19 pandemic. The pregnant woman must compulsorily avoid sick persons as well as those who have Covid-19 symptoms etc.

By staying indoors:
Though the pregnant woman might have a desire to go out they must avoid and stay inside their homes only. It is necessary that she maintains all the precautionary measures by staying indoors.

By not allowing visitors:
The relatives and friends of the pregnant woman would have interest to visit her house to meet her in person. It is important that pregnant mothers must avoid them in this Covid-19 pandemic due to rise in the cases.

By using sanitizers while outdoors:
The pregnant mother must use hand sanitizers without fail when they go out. If there is no hand sanitizer available, then she must not touch any surface outside. This could lead to infection.

By scheduling online checkups:
In the normal scenario, a pregnant woman would often visit their doctors for their health checkups. In the Covid-19 situation, it is good to have checkups online instead of going and meeting the doctor directly (unless it is highly necessary) in this pandemic situation. By this, the risk of getting the infection gets reduced.

By sleeping well:
Many people now have got anxiety issues due to the Coronavirus infection. Truth is that pregnant women are susceptible to mental health issues and for that they must sleep sufficiently.

By eating well balanced food:
It must be noted that by eating a well balanced diet both the pregnant woman and baby could be healthy in the Covid-19 pandemic.
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