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New guidelines for isolating oneself in the residence due to corona infection!

Posted on: 01/May/2021 7:24:00 AM
There is no need for the patients mildly affected with coronavirus to rush to the hospital! They can isolate themselves in their houses.

The Central Ministry/Department for Health has released a new set of guidelines for the patients isolating themselves in their residences!

The important guidelines:
  • If the fever/cough persists even after 7 days, consult a doctor and take a minimum quantum of steroid medicines.
  • For patients above 60 years of age, affected with high blood pressure, diabetes, a long history of liver/lung complaints, NEED TO ISOLATE THEMSELVES ONLY AFTER DOCTORS ADVICE. In case of encountering low oxygen level or breathing problems admit to the hospital immediately!
  • In case the fever does not subside even after taking 650 mg paracetamol tablet 4 times a day, consult the doctor. The doctor may recommend taking 2 tablets of Nafracan 250 mg daily.
  • If cough/fever persists more than 5 days, patients may inhale butonacite medicine twice a day for 5 to 7 days.
  • Take tablets such as Remdicivir ONLY AS PER DOCTORS ADVICE!
  • The persons attending to the isolated patient must take Hydrochloroquin tables!
  • Isolated patients must stay in a well-ventilated room! They MUST ALWAYS WEAR 3-LAYERED FACE MASKS! N-95 MASKS ARE ALSO BEST FORT THE PATIENT AS WELL AS THE CARETAKER!
  • NOTE THAT THESE PATIENTS - HIV Patients, patients who have undergone transplantations, AND CANCER PATIENTS WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDED TO ISOLATE THEMSELVES IN THEIR HOUSES! They may be permitted to do so only based on the doctors advice!
  • Patients must take good rest and take a lot of liquid intakes!
  • In case the condition of the isolated patients worsens, inform the doctor immediately!
  • The patients who have isolated themselves can come out after 10 days of isolation and those who did not fever for 3 days after10 days isolation after corona sample test can come out of isolation. There is no need for any corona tests at the end of isolation!