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All employees above the age of 45 to be vaccinated in another 2 weeks


Posted on : 22/Apr/2021 9:32:06 AM

It was confirmed by the transport department secretary Mr. C. Samayamoorthy that the transport department employees would be given the option of taking the vaccine. He added that those persons with co-morbid conditions could take vaccines after consulting the doctor.

It must be taken into account that just a day before the transport department had asked all its employees to get Covid-19 vaccination compulsorily. Mr. Samayamoorthy was busy inspecting Covid-19 vaccination camp at Pallavan House. He spoke about the good intention with which the circular was issued by the transport department. Truth is that some persons have been citing co-morbidities to take the jab. Option has been provided to these with co-morbidities and they would get vaccinated after undergoing necessary tests.

In the 8 state transport corporations, there are totally 1.2 lakh employees and these include drivers, conductors, technical staff etc. Out of that, about 70,000 employees are above the age of 45 in these transport corporations. In the first week of March, a vaccination drive was started for them. Till now, 37% or 25459 employees have been given Covid-19 vaccination. The bus drivers and conductors have been given first priority in this drive. The reason for that was if the drivers and conductors get infected then it could affect 400 to 500 passengers who travel in the buses per day.

In another 2 weeks, the transport corporation department would be vaccinating all the employees above the age of 45.The reduction in the number of buses has led to loss in the revenue and it is now mentioned that the transport corporation loses an amount of Rs 12 crores to Rs 15 crores per day. On Tuesday, 20th April 2021, the day on which night curfew began in TN, the transport corporations operated 16284 buses and this included 2790mTC buses in Chennai. As many as345 buses belonging to SETC were also operated.

It is worth mentioning that SETC operates over 85% of its buses in the night time. Point is that due to the night curfew, SETC has been affected badly. Information is that other transport corporations end their services at 10pm to 11pm in the night.
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