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E-Registration NOT needed for visitors from Andhra, Karnataka, and Puducherry


Posted on : 10/Apr/2021 1:58:37 PM

The senior officials of the Revenue Department of the State Government of Tamil Nadu have informed that E-Registration IS NOT REQUIRED for the visitors from Andhra, Karnataka, and Puducherry. However, visitors from other states MUST HAVE E-MAIL REGISTRATION.

Once E-Registration is done, there is no need to wait for anything else the visitors can undertake their travel in Tamil Nadu.

With the resurgent coronavirus showing a trend of spreading faster, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has been constrained to impose various restrictions to contain this. Also, a decision has been taken to stringently monitor the visitors to the State. As such, the visitors from other states and other countries have to register their personal details on the given official website of the Tamil Nadu State Government.

Though this E-Registration has been in operation already, as the spread has become more alarming in the recent days, the Senior Officials of the Department of Revenue of the Tamil Nadu State Government have INSISTED THAT IT IS MANDATORY FOR E-REGISTRATION FOR THE VISITORS!

In this regard, they explained:

Details required from the visitors: The visitors to Tamil Nadu from the other states and other countries MUST register all their personal; details in the exclusive website of the Tamil Nadu State Government set up for this purpose. On this website, separate pages have been allotted for private vehicles, passengers from train or flight. They must register the reason for the visit, the places to be visited, the name of the citizen, gender, and the number of persons accompanying.

Further, the visitor MUST UPLOAD ANY ONE OF THE PROOFS such as Aadhar card, Family Ration Card, Driving Licence, Permanent Account Number (PAN Income Tax Department), or Identity Card.  If it is a private vehicle, the vehicle registration number must be uploaded.

In case of passengers by train or flight, they have to upload a copy of the ticket, the flight/train number, Coach Number, Seat number, etc., must be entered at the respective places. Once registering these particulars, there will be no need for the passengers to wait for any permission. Once furnishing all the above details, the visitors can commence their journey.

Exemption for 3 States:  3 States have been exempted by the State Government of Tamil Nadu from the above regulation! Visitors from Andhra, Karnataka, and Puducherry NEED NOT COMPLETE THE E-REGISTRATION. They can travel as usual.

Why E-Registration? Just to stringently monitor the visitors, this E-Registration system has been set up. In case any of these visitors get infected with coronavirus during their journey, it would be easier to contact this person as well  his/her contacts as the details can easily be accessed as registered in the E-Registration! This is the reason why E-Registration has been made mandatory!

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