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Now there is decrease in the general health of people in the Chennai city - Chennai doctors


Posted on : 07/Apr/2021 9:16:40 AM

It is not easy for an active person to stay at home and lockdown has made many stay in their homes in Chennai compulsorily. The health of the residents went downhill in Chennai city during the lockdown. Many doctors spoke about the lockdown impact on the health and declining health on post Covid-19 days on this upcoming World Health Day.

It is known that World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April every year and on this day awareness on specific health themes is created. This would in turn highlight the priority areas of concern for the World Health organisation or WHO. In the last 50 years, World Health Day has highlighted the importance of mental health, maternal and child care, climate changes etc. On this day, there would be many activities that would extend beyond the day itself.

As per Dr Akila Mani, consultant, physician and diabetologist at Apollo Hospitals in Vanagaram in Chennai, the lockdown and work from home or WFH have broken up the traditional routine and structures relied by many to be healthy namely diet and exercise. She spoke about how a patient must be looked as a whole taking into account weight, age, sex and health conditions etc. The information available on the internet is very generic and not applicable to them and misinformation has led to many issues. The doctors were of the opinion that the issues like BP and diabetes etc have become more significant. Non-communicable diseases are on the rise.

Truth is that youngsters are becoming more diabetic now and Covid-19 infection has added risk to the health of many youngsters. This was mentioned by Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan, senior consultant, infectious diseases, Cauvery Hospitals, Chennai. She threw light on how staying at home or doing WFH has led to uncontrolled sugar levels in many people. Issues like obesity and infertility have also increased in the lockdown.

According to Dr. Spoorthi Arun of Promed Hospitals, accessibility to healthcare has led to many patients skipping or ignoring medical treatment. She explained about how people are scared to come to hospitals for treatment rather than hospitals being accessible. There has been a delay in reporting of issues like heart attacks, strokes etc. It must be noted that many pregnant women came for their deliveries without any previous consultation. Senior consultant, Internal Medicine, MGM Healthcare Chennai, Dr. Shreevidya Venkatraman was of the view that the lockdown could have been used to control lifestyle diseases.
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