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Many senior citizens in Chennai now feel relieved and happy for this reason


Posted on : 03/Mar/2021 9:43:30 AM

Many senior citizens have been having huge fear regarding Covid-19 infection affecting them. Now, these senior citizens are feeling relieved. The reason for their relief and happiness was due to the Covid-19 vaccination that is being carried out for them.

It was later mentioned by a resident that last year his family got infected with Covid-19 infection and he had isolated himself from his family to be safe. Now, his family has recovered. He spoke about how vaccines have brought huge relief for him as he need not fear of getting Covid-19 infection.

He threw light on how his children used to buy things for him from the store and how they supported him fully.  He thanked them for their kindness and support.

It was pointed out by some co-morbid patients and senior citizens that despite the vaccination reaching the public caution and safety must continue afterwards also. Relief was the main emotion after vaccination for many who were having fears of getting this deadly infection. The future now is bright for the elderly persons.

As per a 77 year old resident of Chennai who had vaccination, it was clear that she need not fear for Coronavirus infection and can go out without any fear. She explained how getting infection would not be fatal hereafter as she got vaccinated.  Until the second dose of vaccination, people must remain cautious as they might get the infection any time. It must be noted that wearing face masks plus maintaining social distancing is very important even after getting the first dose of vaccine.

Important information is that a person would become fully immune to Covid-19 only if he or she gets the second dose of vaccination. It was mentioned by a 60 year old Chennai resident that things cannot be taken lightly unless a significant portion of the population gets vaccinated.

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