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Why are many people not using multi-level car parking in T. Nagar now?


Posted on : 27/Feb/2021 9:17:24 AM

If you visit T. Nagar, at the junction of Theagaraya Road and Thanikachalam Road you will come across a newly constructed 7 storey multi-level car parking.

From Friday onwards, this multi-level car parking facility has been functioning at T. Nagar in Chennai.

It is now revealed that this facility has evoked poor response from the vehicle users including two wheelers riders. They parked their vehicles on the streets. It seems that the Chennai residents are not aware of this latest car parking facility here as GCC has kept it as a low key affair.

It must be noted that a parking attendant in Panagal Park was unaware of this new multi-level parking facility. Truth is that inspite of the parking attendant persuading the vehicle users to use this new facility many did not bother as they wanted to complete their works and leave quickly. To help park the cars, 6 parking attendants have been posted at this car parking complex.

This multi-level car parking complex was constructed at a cost of Rs 40.79 crores and it can accommodate 317 cars and 418 two wheelers at one time. There are separate entry and exit gates here with boom barriers. Here, access cards must be used to access the lifts that carry the vehicles and the CCTV enabled control room is superb with 56 cameras installed to provide security.

There were few who sued this facility yesterday and they were happy regarding the system. The ease with which the whole process gets completed has surprised those who used this facility and the novel experience has been appreciated. The superb piece of information is that it takes just 90 seconds to park or remove the vehicle.

The unaffordable rates for using this parking facility have grabbed the eyeballs now. An employee of a garment shop expressed his views and spoke about how for parking for 1 hour it costs Rs 5 and how he would have to spend Rs 50 per day for parking his vehicle for 10 hours. He concluded that he would not be able to spend Rs 1500 per month for parking his vehicle.
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